About Jake's Smokehouse BBQ
---- 522223_10150869480445275_1944036608_n (large)Jake is just a good ole country boy with a special gift for making the finest barbecue you’ll ever taste. You see, Jake wandered around the country for years tasting, sampling and learning about the art of cooking genuine pit smoked barbecue. What he brought home was the secret to REAL barbeque: cooking it SLOWLY over a hardwood fire. What Jake discovered was that smoking adds flavor and slow-cooking gives the natural fibers in meat time to break down and become tender and tasty. He also created his own special blend of barbecue sauces so you can spice up your meal the way you want.

An early riser, Jake gets the fire going long before you even know you’re hungry. That way you can be in a hurry for lunch or dinner and still experience that great slow-cooked, smokehouse flavor.

Eat at Jake's or take it home to the family. Either way, just one bite and you’ll know why Jake says, "There's No Cookin' Like Slow Cookin'."
Jake's opened for business in 1999 and has been a favorite of visitors and locals alike.  Locally owned and operated by the Gettier family, we go the extra mile to provide the best barbecue around town and deliver a memorable dining experience.  From our family to yours, we look forward to serving you the next time you're in the mood for some great barbecue.